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A woman receives the jade facial treatment.

The Jade

The Jade is the preferred aesthetics device that is non-surgical, non-invasive microcurrent derma ray rejuvenation treatment that combines multiple frequency modalities, including massage, acupuncture, color, and harmonic sound frequencies, to activate cellular repair. By stimulating the cellular growth of new collagen, protein, and elastin, a Jade facial will leave you with a healthier, younger looking appearance and calmer, more relaxed state of being.

As we age, our skin loses its elasticity and flexibility as the electrical impulses throughout our body slow down. This causes a decline in muscle strength and tone. The Jade generates frequencies that mirror your body’s unique electrical impulses, enabling skin and muscle tissue to respond quickly and promptly begin the process of tissue repair. A single, 30 minute treatment offers many long-lasting benefits, including:


Diminish Fine Lines and Wrinkles

By releasing muscle spasms and removing adhesions in the muscle, the Jade effectively reduces and diminishes fine lines and wrinkles, allowing facial muscles to return to their natural position.


Minimize Scar Tissue

The Jade provides a more toned appearance by breaking up calcium deposits and scar tissue in the muscles.


Lengthens Muscle Fibers

The unique combination of frequencies emitted during Jade treatment lengthens muscle fibers, allowing the skin to relax to a position that no longer holds wrinkles. Lengthening muscle fibers also lifts and tones saggy skin.


Drain the Lymphatic System

The Jade helps to maintain a healthy lymphatic system by mobilizing lymph in the body. Since one-third of your lymph nodes reside in your face, mobilizing lymph helps to reduce facial and body swelling and promote overall health and immune function.


Removes Toxins

The lymphatic system is like the sewage system of your body. If it gets backed up, the body can become polluted with toxins, which can lead to illness. The Jade helps to move lymph through the body to the lymph nodes, where toxins can be filtered and removed from the body.


Relieve Muscular Knots and Spasms

By restoring the natural tone of muscles, the Jade helps to undo knots in any area of the body, providing more relief and comfort to the body’s overall well-being.

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