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About T-Zone Vibration Platform

A woman poses for picture after completing her T-Zone vibration platform workout.


The T-Zone is an oscillating vibration platform that produces vertical vibrations coupled with a side-alternating rocking motion. The energy from the vibrations is sent through every muscle in your body, stimulating every cell in your bones and soft tissues at a much higher rate than normal.

Our muscles usually contract or relax one or two times per second. When you stand on a T-Zone platform, the vibrations stimulate your muscles to react up to 23 times per second, with about 11-12 relaxations and 11-12 contractions. The accelerated force creates a feeling as though your body “weighs” more, meaning your body works against more resistance in every movement- resulting in more benefits!

People of all ages and body types can attain numerous benefits from using the T-Zone vibration platform. Some of the many benefits include:


  • Cardio conditioning using aerobic exercises like stutter steps or high knees.
  • Low impact strength training designed to work your core, upper, and lower body.
  • Producing better results in less time since 10 minutes on the T-Zone is equal to one hour of a conventional workout, and it works the whole body at once.
  • Interval training using the built in interval training program.
  • Increased flexibility and faster muscle growth due to your body’s reactions to the destabilizing movement of the platform.
  • Therapy after an injury because of its low impact and ability to build strength in a gentle but effective way.
  • Restoring physical function with whole body vibration.

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