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A patient receives perineural injection therapy to help with nerve pain.

Perineural Injection Therapy

Perineural injection therapy (PIT) is a safe and natural treatment option for those with inflamed or injured nerves due to trauma, arthritis, occupational, surgical, or sports injuries. Perineural injection therapy works by targeting the nerves underneath the surface of your skin that are causing your pain and inflammation.

Perineural injections contain a solution consisting of sterile water and dextrose, a type of simple sugar. When nerve cells become inflamed, they begin misfiring and sending disrupted signals to the brain. When the dextrose solution is injected at the site of your pain, it enters the nerve cell receptor and disrupts the misfiring, allowing the cell to restore its normal functioning.

PIT involves a series of 4-6 injection treatments using a short, small needle that is placed underneath the skin, just deep enough to reach the individual nerve fibers. With each injection therapy session, patients experience a gradual reduction in pain, until the pain eventually goes away completely and the nerve returns to normal functioning. Perineural injection therapy has a success rate of over 80%.

PIT is an extremely safe treatment with rare side effects due to the drug-free, sugar-based solution. Rare histamine reactions have been observed due to corn allergies. There may be some bruising around the site of injection. Additionally, there are no activity restrictions for patients as long as the given activity does not cause increased pain. That way you can keep up with your busy lifestyle and still get the pain relief that you need and at a cost that is friendly to just about any budget. 

We would love to hear from you if you think that this treatment is right for you. Set up a consultation and more! If you would like more information on perineural injection therapy, contact our clinic today to set up an appointment with one of our doctors!

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