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Invisa-RED Laser

As the only FDA approved and clinically proven device to provide weight loss and fat reduction, the invisa-RED laser can achieve measurable weight loss using dual coherent frequencies from both red and infrared laser light energy. Most competing light energy systems for weight loss use only one level of light frequency, penetrating only 10 millimeters deep into fat tissue to produce minimal weight loss results. With invisa-RED, the combination of dual coherent frequencies allows the light energy to penetrate up to 40 millimeters, reaching much deeper fat tissue. This not only targets multiple levels of fat, it also stimulates the lymphatic system, increases metabolism, and produces a substantial response in cellular function, resulting in significant weight loss, fat reduction, and cellulite removal.

Losing weight with diet and exercise will only shrink fat cells, rather than actually reducing the number of fat cells in your body. If you’re unable to exercise or decide to ease up on your eating plan, the fat cells can regrow in size, causing more weight gain. Contrarily, the invisa-RED laser permanently destroys fat cells, making it impossible for them to re-expand. After fat cells are destroyed, they are promptly eliminated by the lymphatic system, which is also activated by invisa-RED energy.

If you are looking for sustained changes to your body and desire powerful and effective weight loss support, invisa-RED treatments are a worthwhile addition to your action plan. By targeting specific pockets of fat for optimal elimination, you can safely and effectively attain the body you desire.

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