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Detox Foot Bath

Research in environmental medicine has shown that we all accumulate and store excessive quantities of toxins, the big question is “how bad is the toxic burden”. We are surrounded by toxins in our everyday lives, from environmental toxins like air pollution, pesticides, GMOs, and industrial chemicals, to heavy metals from cosmetics and cookware, to biotoxins like parasites, mold, and bacteria. Although our bodies were made with naturally occuring detox systems, toxins can still build-up in our bodies faster than we’re able to naturally process them out. This is where the detox foot bath can help! Common symptoms of toxic overload include headaches, body aches, painful joints, weight issues, sugar cravings, digestive issues, brain fog, fatigue, insomnia, skin reactions, and more. A quality detox treatment program includes multiple types of detoxification methods. The detox foot bath is a highly effective way to rid toxins from the body, and can also aid in weight loss and improving the health of your digestive system. This detox system works by passing an electrical current between narrowly-spaced array plates and into water, which interacts with salts and minerals in the water to remove toxins from your body through the feet. As toxins leave the body, they accumulate in the water in various forms such as white foam or black specs, allowing you to see the results for yourself!

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