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AO Scan – The Digital Body Analyzer

If you’ve spent a lot of time and energy on trying to figure out what is making you sick, the AO Scan may be the answer you’ve been looking for. Often even the best ultrasounds and blood tests cannot determine the root cause of their symptoms or recommend the right kind of treatments. Chronic fatigue, autoimmune issues, digestive difficulties, itchy skin rashes, mood swings, anxiety and panic attacks, unexplained weight changes, stubborn belly-fat, being “stuck” and not knowing how to get better…these are all valid complaints and concerns.

Radionics may be the solution. Radionics is a healing modality that aims to discover imbalances in the body’s electromagnetic field, and then better that ailment with the use of energy waves. This form of energy medicine works to address a number of conditions, such as the ones listed above in addition to irritable bowel syndrome, cancer, and Lyme disease…and more.

One method of harnessing the healing powers of radionics is with the AO Scan Mobile – The Digital Body Analyzer. By identifying underlying issues, the laser-focused technology of the AO Scan can help discover the root causes for your most perplexing health concerns.

What is the AO Scan? It is a noninvasive, bioresonance device which uses radionics to detect abnormalities in the various energy frequencies of cells, tissues, and organs throughout your entire body. Disturbances in these frequencies is often a strong indicator of distress and disease. The AO Scan mobile then resets the body’s optimal frequencies in order to restore ideal health or to prevent disease from manifesting. It offers these 4 main tools:

1. INNER VOICE – Intuitive Electronic Voice Analyzer

2. VITAL SCAN – Scan reports that are similar to chemistry tests

3. COMPREHENSIVE – Detailed scans with images similar to an MRI, CT Scan or X-Ray

4. S.E.F.I. – Subtle Energy Frequency Imprinter

What happens in an AO Scan? First, a vital scan report establishes the body’s baseline by scanning over 3,000 items, referencing over 80,000 points, and analyzing over 250,000 pieces of data that are broadcasted back and forth into the body. The points are queried 15 different ways to confirm their accuracy, and this phase only takes less than two minutes to complete.

After the scan, the next stage is a frequency optimization. A frequency optimization helps to create custom frequencies based on the feedback from the body. The machine returns these frequencies back into the body at the correct duration to correct the imbalances detected during your initial scan. This is where the healing begins.

Once the frequency optimization is complete, a 24-page report is created. This report divides 650+ areas of our health into 47 categories like environmental and food allergies, bacterial, viral, fungal and parasitic diseases, heavy metals, genetic problems, hormonal problems, GI problems, eye health, kidney function, and reproductive function. The report consists of two scans side by side: your original scan and the scan after your frequency optimization. This is done to show which areas improved and which areas still require attention. The report also specifically looks into amino acids, vitamins, minerals, parasitic load, and collagen index; this information helps to determine the correct nutrients and supplements that are needed to bring the body back into balance. You can see the AO Scan is both detective and corrective.

The last stage of the scan is the comprehensive analysis. This analysis utilizes the AO Scan database, an encyclopedia that provides us with information on how specific issues can affect various parts of the body. Comprehensive analysis allows us to determine exactly where your previously discovered challenges are in your body and how they are impacting your glands, organs, tissues, and systems. By testing each of your results against a pre-recorded counterpart in the database, the system can then create a specific frequency optimization to correct those challenges.

How effective are the treatments? Most people say that they can feel the difference immediately! You will leave feeling rejuvenated and energized. In addition, you will leave with a comprehensive plan of action to address your physical and emotional needs.

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