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About Dr. Jessica Payne

Who I Am

  • A woman on a mission
  • A truth seeker
  • I believe that showing emotion is not weakness
  • I’m on a quest to make an impact for generations to come
  • A teacher: I teach women they have an inner voice guiding and directing them always and they can tune out all the noise and find the stillness that leads to peace.
  • A maker, sharer and donor of abundance. What I make in the first half of my life will be shared and donated for my entire second half of living. After all, we came in with nothing and will go out with nothing!
  • A hippie at heart – barefoot walking, no bra wearing, tree hugging (yes I do!), no make-up kind of woman — keeping it real
  • An explorer of nature
  • A human lie detector
  • A yearner: I want to let women know they don’t have to know it all, that we are in a tribe to support each other.
  • A student of self-compassion and love, working to not judge myself and enjoying the path of self-discovery as I learn more about my strengths and how to transform my ‘weaknesses’ into positive assets in my life.
Idaho Holistic doctor Jessica Payne
Doctor Jessica Payne holistic doctor in Idaho

My Story: An Inspired (and Humbling) Beginning

More than a decade ago, I had no idea I’d be bed-ridden with meningitis. Nor did I realize this seemingly unfortunate circumstance would lead me on an inspired quest to help other women live their lives naturally.

It started with my first year in college. I was a Division One athlete and had experienced multiple injuries, again and again. I got a stress fracture in my foot that wouldn’t go away, and it was nagging me for months.

A scan showed my bone density was a bit low for my body size, so a doctor said I needed more estrogen and put me on birth control. My cycles had always been out of whack and the doctor told me this would ‘make it better.’

In my second year, I started getting urinary tract infections and was put on a rollercoaster ride with antibiotics after antibiotic. Then I got a kidney infection and shortly after this I had a major low back injury. I had sixteen injections in my low back (eeek!!), and a couple weeks later I found myself in the hospital with meningitis. I was put on medication, which I will admit saved my life; yet after being put on medication after medication I struggled with all the awful side effects. I was so sick in and out of the hospital for three years. I remember my husband would find me on the floor vomiting, suffering from chronic migraines, yet doctors still told me nothing was wrong with me. Let me tell you, that was deeply frustrating and made me feel I wasn’t heard.

Finally, when one doctor handed me a prescription to see a psychiatrist, I had hit my limit. I felt such a sense of anger because she was basically implying, I was crazy. I will admit, I had thoughts of taking my life to escape the pain and insanity yet knew I wouldn’t. I knew I could still fight and try something different.

Thankfully, with the support of Jeremy, I listened within and chose to go on an alternative path. This is when my healing journey began since I knew deep inside me there must be another way.

I got a glance of hope when seeing a Chinese herbalist and then going to see other practitioners of natural healing modalities. I experienced some relief, which led to more and more moments I felt connected to my body again, rather than separate.

With the relief I began to feel, I had some major ‘Ah-Ha’ moments. I realized the antibiotics, medications and birth control had affected everything. I learned that the low back holds the kidneys in place and my kidneys had been essentially poisoned. The meds and antibiotics had shifted my gut microbiome and shattered my immune system. I also came to understand that being a hard-core athlete training three hours per day meant cortisol was constantly being pumped out and affecting the downstream cascade of my other hormones.

holistic doctor in boise idaho

I remember thinking in my head that I’m done with western medicine and I decided to get off birth control. I got off and my body went into a severe havoc state, as if on an emotional rollercoaster; I gained a lot of weight and had an insatiable appetite. It took me several years to get balanced again.

Despite the challenges I had experienced with my cycles through my life, I was fortunate enough to get pregnant with my two daughters naturally and I’m so blessed to have them in my life!

How did I do it? How did I find hormonal balance again? A synergistic approach of eastern medicine, changing my mindset, healing and sealing my gut, finding the foods to fuel my hormones and addressing my physical exertion.

I started to understand how insulin and blood sugar played a role with my hormones. I then realized how many emotions were stored inside of me – I worked with fears a lot by studying different neuroemotional techniques, attending seminars and using these tools to heal.

I then did a metabolic panel to learn how to reset my metabolism. I actually discovered animal protein isn’t the best for my body and doing intense physical training isn’t optimal for me either.

Detoxification and cleanses helped temporarily but weren’t the answer for me long term. When I started learning more about the detrimental effects electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) were having on my hormones, I made some simple shifts that helped tremendously.

Next came uncovering my genetic SNPs looking at methylation. My methylation profile showed mitochondria dysfunctions, which impacted how I make energy and also the production of progesterone and hormones. Once I addressed this and combined it with everything else I was doing, I started feeling my hormones were in alignment again.

Each step of my journey I discovered a new pillar and how they all built upon each other – these are the pillars I share with you in my program.

It wasn’t a one size fits all, cookie cutter approach: It was bio individual. One woman’s medicine is another’s poison when it comes to correcting the hormones and creating balance.

I know this stage of life is hormonal and things are constantly shifting – women’s bodies are so complex yet also divinely created. We’re birthed, many of us give birth and this new phase of womanhood is about re-birthing ourselves.

Menopause is often feared and dreaded due to what society says and how many women feel. I truly believe we are in control of how our bodies express health –whether it’s our lifestyle, dietary choices, emotional balance, exercise, how we think. Being a professional in helping women, in my career I’ve learned hormones do not work alone. They are controlled by many factors harmoniously like an orchestra playing together and we cannot look at one part or one system –they have to be addressed holistically.

I can gratefully tell you that I’ve come a long way in this process of healing my body. I’ve learned that healing goes way beyond just the physical realm and needs to address the emotional and mental bodies as well.

I’m still, and always will be, a student of my own body and what it wishes to teach me so I can evolve into this midlife bloom with grace and ease. Now it’s time to share all I’ve learned with YOU.

Customizing Your Treatment for Your Situation

Our goal is to educate as many people as possible on how to

live in harmony with your body, not against it.

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