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My Story: Finding True Passion and Purpose

I mentioned earlier that there’s a reason why I came to focus on women’s health. Like all stories that shape who we are, mine also took many twists and turns to arrive where I am now.

In my earlier years, I was a body builder and athlete. I trained hard to get results and was deeply committed to what I was doing. Yet eventually, my body started to hurt and react negatively. I would decrease my current pain with anti-inflammatories and injections, yet somewhere inside I knew this wasn’t the best way to deal. Even though I was very much in alignment with the Western medicine model, I still realized there must be another way for the body to heal. What I was doing with sports medicine and athletic training showed me that we weren’t really healing anything, but rather minimizing the pain for a short period of time.


The catalyst was when in my body building training, I experienced a bad back injury. I will admit that early on I had been a bit skeptical of what Jessica was pursuing in her healing journey, until I started seeing the extraordinary results she was having. I went to visit Jessica’s chiropractor and thought he seemed solid in his philosophies. I cried after my first adjustment because the chronic pain I had for two years went away. This was HUGELY impactful for me because it affirmed the body could heal another way. I started studying natural health and this experience ignited my own personal journey, as well as a deeper, shared one with Jessica.

In our pursuit to wellness, we were eager beavers, hungry for knowledge. We went to tons of seminars on nutrition and natural healing for serious conditions such as autoimmune disorders and chronic illnesses. We began taking care of people while still in school from our apartment, and many of them were severe cases. In this time, we noticed that many of the people we were caring for were women. This led us to focusing on the intricacies of women’s health so we could narrow in on addressing healing the root causes at the physical, mental and emotional levels. I know women wish to be heard and want to know I’m listening to their individual needs. I know this first-hand by being a part of Jessica’s journey and by working with all the women I’ve had the opportunity to support in their healing.

Throughout all our experiences in life and health, Jessica and I are in this together. We completely understand that one of the biggest challenges for women is this out of control feeling — we felt that way ourselves while on a hamster wheel with our own health and while doing our best to support each other.

I believe that becoming aware of the importance of what we eat and how we treat our bodies and minds is the foundation of getting and staying healthy. As we cultivate that awareness, we will nourish our spirits by honoring what it is we truly wish to be, to do, and to have.

Together, Jessica and I are committed to taking our true purpose and passion for intuitive healing, detoxification, whole-food nutrition, personal growth and self-care to all women.

I can gratefully tell you that I’ve come a long way in this process of healing my body. I’ve learned that healing goes way beyond just the physical realm and needs to address the emotional and mental bodies as well.

I’m still, and always will be, a student of my own body and what it wishes to teach me so I can evolve into this midlife bloom with grace and ease. Now it’s time to share all I’ve learned with YOU.

Customizing Your Treatment for Your Situation

Our goal is to educate as many women as possible on how to

live in harmony with your body, not against it.


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