By Drs. Jeremy and Jessica Payne, DC, CNC

Are you considering nutritional IV therapy in Eagle, Idaho? If so, you might have some questions. One question we commonly get is about the benefits of intravenous therapy for delivering minerals and nutrients into the body. Here are just a few of the considerable health rewards you can expect:

  • A boost in natural, all-day energy.
  • Healthier and younger looking hair, skin and nails.
  • Nutritional IV therapy gets to work slowing down the natural aging process.
  • Your recovery after engaging in physical activities improves.
  • You don’t experience as many emotional highs and lows. Your moods and emotions are more consistent.
  • IV Therapy gives you a better overall immune system boost. This means you enjoy an improved resistance of colds, flus and other sicknesses and illnesses.
  • Expect a sharper mind, and feeling invigorated with vitality in both mind and body.

Basically, you’re going to get the benefits that you receive if you eat a health-boosting diet. We highly recommend you eat more fresh fruits and vegetables and fewer processed foods and fast foods. That’s a smart health-promoting practice for anyone. However, it takes time for your body to start reaping the rewards of following a healthy diet.

With nutrient IV therapy, you enjoy an immediate experience. It’s not uncommon to start feeling the benefits we just discussed within 30 to 60 minutes following a treatment.

How Does IV Therapy Work?

This type of nutritional delivery system goes to work immediately, offering several benefits for one very important reason. It bypasses the digestive process. That means the nutrients, minerals, and vitamins that are delivered through this intravenous process don’t get broken down. They aren’t distorted or negatively affected in any way, which happens in some digestive systems.

Many people these days don’t have the healthiest digestive systems. Because of a poor diet, a lack of physical activity, high stress levels, and other reasons, digestion improperly handles the nutrition that would otherwise be entering your body.

The digestive process is bypassed with our Evolution IV therapy products. An intravenous drip slowly delivers the essential minerals, nutrients, and vitamins your body needs, and they go straight into your bloodstream.

This instant delivery is why many of our clients mention immediately feeling a difference. 

Your overall improvement in head-to-toe health and wellness begins to happen right away. It isn’t negatively impacted by any medication you might be taking, an unhealthy digestive process, or some other health issue.

The Evolution IV Therapy System Lets You Target Your Unique Needs

We proudly offer Evolution IV therapy products. This allows you to select a blend of nutrients and minerals that specifically addresses your unique health requirements.

This is done using the LiquiVida Lounge line of health-boosting blends (the #1 vitamin therapy provider in the US). There are nine different blends that positively impact your health and wellness. You simply select the blend that matches your goals. After a typical 30 to 45-minute session, you can return to your regular routine. 

Nutritional IV therapy really can provide much-needed benefits to your health and wellness. If you live in the Eagle, ID, area, we would be happy to answer any questions you have. Your health is too important to take for granted. Just consider how quickly you can receive substantial benefits. It’s such a small investment of time and money!

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