By Drs. Jeremy and Jessica Payne, DC, CNC

IV Therapy is here to stay! Health-conscious people in the Eagle, Idaho, area can enjoy an immediate boost to their overall health and wellness with IV therapy. This is an efficient way to get minerals, nutrients, and vitamins into your body. It works so well for instant health rewards that you notice them right away because it doesn’t have to deal with your digestive system.

That’s not to say that your digestive process is bad. It’s definitely important for you to survive and thrive. Sometimes, though, especially when your digestive system has been operating inefficiently, it can have a negative effect on all of the wonderful nutrients and minerals you put into your body.

High levels of stress, poor sleep habits, a less than healthy diet, and not getting enough physical activity can all cause your digestive system to perform poorly. In turn, this sometimes causes a loss of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Your digestive process incorrectly identifies these things as waste material and pushes them out of your body.

Nutritional IV Therapy Doesn’t Let That Happen

A blend of minerals and nutrients is slowly and safely dripped into your body through an IV. This system works quickly and naturally to enter your bloodstream. It circulates quickly throughout your body. There is no digestive process involved. 

You receive all of the health benefits from the vitamins and minerals instead of losing a portion of them to your digestive system. For these reasons, our clients often notice a rather immediate and positive boost in natural energy, mental sharpness and an overall feeling of vitality.

If you live in Eagle, Idaho, remember the 3 Cs of nutrient IV therapy when you feel like some aspect of your health isn’t what it could be.


Did you perhaps celebrate a little too hard last night? IV therapy addresses hangovers while also rewarding your overall wellness. Are you looking to improve the appearance and health of your skin, hair and nails? You can customize IV therapy to address those specific needs.

Maybe you want to recover quicker after physical stress. Do your moods and emotions need leveling out? Perhaps you’re tired of catching colds and flus. You can customize your IV therapy treatment to address these and other specific health problems.

Complete Bioavailability

Bioavailability refers to how many minerals, nutrients and vitamins your body receives out of the food that you put into it. We talked earlier about how your digestive system can reduce this bioavailability of the foods you eat.

Nutrient IV therapy delivers complete bioavailability. The vitamins and nutrients are absorbed directly and slowly into your bloodstream. This gives you complete availability to all of the natural health boosters in the IV blend you choose. Nothing is wasted.

(We are proud to offer the LiquiVida Lounge line of health promoting nutritional IV blends. LiquiVida is the #1 vitamin therapy provider in the United States.)


We are conveniently located in Eagle, Idaho, not more than about 15 minutes from most major areas. We are here to help you address your health concerns. As far as the process itself, IV therapy is fast and requires no effort on your part other than answering a few questions. You can expect to devote less than an hour of your time to a single session.

It’s also rather convenient to enjoy such an overall improvement to your wellness, while also targeting specific areas of your health.

This really is a fast and natural way to address different aspects of your health and wellness. You’ll also find that you get an overall improvement to your mental and physical health. After a short session you can get right back to your daily routine, with a feeling of more natural energy and healthy vitality.

Give us a call, and we will be happy to answer any questions you have. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you realize your best-ever health.

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