By Drs. Jeremy and Jessica Payne, DC, CNC

IV ozone therapy is a pretty simple process with powerful capabilities. It gives your immune system a boost. Your immunity is what keeps you from falling prey to illness and disease. It’s a combination of processes and systems that attack germs and keep you healthy.

IV ozone therapy stimulates your immune system by introducing ozone to your body. An intravenous (IV) delivery method is used to get health promoting ozone gas dissolved and into your bloodstream.

Because clear ozone gas has three molecules of oxygen as opposed to the two molecules in the oxygen you breathe, this is a safe and natural way to get more oxygen into your bloodstream and into your body.

How IV Ozone Therapy Improves Your Health

Imagine you are finding it difficult to breathe. You go to your doctor and find out there is some type of issue with your respiratory process. IV ozone therapy can reduce the stress on your lungs if you have some type of breathing difficulty. The improved levels of oxygen make it easier for your lungs to do their job.

IV ozone therapy can also be used as a preventive treatment. Since it gives your entire immune system a boost, it promotes healing and protection throughout your body. There is also a reduction in inflammation. The inflammatory process is both a symptom and a cause of many painful health problems.

This type of therapeutic treatment can activate several antioxidant systems in your body, and has antiviral properties as well. IV ozone therapy has been used to manage side-effects caused by common cancer treatments. Ozone has also been shown as effective for promoting the death of cancer cells.

How Does IV Ozone Therapy in Eagle, Idaho Work? What Can I Expect?

The process is safe, simple and won’t take up a lot of your time. Blood is drawn from the patient and then ozone gas is dissolved into that blood supply. The ozone activated blood with higher oxygen levels is then injected back into the patient.

Considering that a single session is just 30 to 45 minutes long, you can easily fit it into your busy daily routine.

You can expect a healthy energy boost as well as the significant health benefits we discussed earlier. It is not uncommon for a patient to feel an elevation in positive emotions as well. This means experiencing less anxiety, less depression and better mental clarity because of the improved oxygen levels in your bloodstream.

IV ozone therapy has proven effective in several studies for treating diabetes, breathing disorders and can even reverse damage to brain tissue caused by a stroke. Other health rewards include a reduced risk of repeat heart attacks, your wounds heal quickly, and you may experience healthier skin and other antiaging properties.

If you live in or around the Eagle, Idaho, area and are looking for an overall immune system boost, consider IV ozone therapy. Give us a call. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have about this health and wellness upgrade.

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