by Drs. Jeremy and Jessica Payne, DC, CNC

Ozone gas has been used for more than a century to clean medical products. It also has significant health benefits when dissolved in the human bloodstream. Here are five of the many considerable health rewards IV ozone therapy offers.

1 – Your Entire Immune System Gets a Boost

The human immune system protects you against outside invaders. When it’s healthy and functioning properly, it wards off illness, sickness, and disease. The process of IV ozone therapy gives your immune system a healthy boost. It makes it work better. 

If you do become sick or physically injured, you need a strong immune system to fight off potential infection. This allows your body to heal as quickly as possible.

Your immune system’s first layer of protection is your skin. Ozone therapy can strengthen your skin and make it healthier, as well as the internal processes which make up your immune system. So the biggest reward of IV ozone therapy is an overall improvement in protecting your body against infection.

2 – IV Ozone Therapy Has Antibacterial, Antiviral and Antifungal Capabilities

IV ozone therapy protects against harmful bacteria, viruses and fungal infections. This means a better chance that you will avoid developing tuberculosis, pneumonia the flu and hepatitis C, among other conditions.

3 – Improves Joint Mobility and Reduces Pain

Through the application of topical treatment, IV ozone therapy can make you more mobile. It is effective for improving mobility around your joints by delivering high levels of oxygen directly to the affected area. This not only improves mobility. It also reduces pain and inflammation while improving your range of motion.

4 – You Get a Healthy Body Detox

One of the abilities of ozone gas is to break down and deactivate harmful toxins in your body. This means you are giving yourself a healthy flush of poisons, toxins and other harmful waste products. That can mean preventing serious health problems and also giving your mental and physical wellness an overall improvement.

5 – IV Ozone Therapy Strengthens Your Respiratory System

There are so many things that can negatively affect your respiratory system. Invisible compounds and chemicals in the air you breathe can impact your breathing process. A less than healthy diet, sedentary lifestyle and other factors can cause respiratory problems. 

IV ozone therapy boosts that system by improving the amount of oxygen which moves through it. This increases the amount of oxygen all the cells in your body can absorb.

Other Considerable Health Benefits from IV Ozone Therapy

IV ozone therapy can give you younger looking, healthier and stronger skin. It’s proven to revert damage done to brain tissue and also improve overall brain function. There is a reduction in the risk that you will suffer repeat heart attacks, the process heals chronic wounds, and may help in the treatment of certain types of tumors.

If you live in the Eagle, Idaho, area, we recommend considering IV ozone therapy as a way to improve your overall wellness. Give us a call,Y and we’ll answer any questions you have about this healthy, natural and quick (30 to 45 minutes per session) wellness booster.

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