3 Easy Ways to Naturally Increase your Energy Levels

There’s a reason you see so many commercials for “do-it-all” energy drinks like Red Bull and “have-it-all” energy shots like 5-Hour Energy…We are exhausted, people! The mid-afternoon energy crash is very real for just about every person you’ve ever met. And the mind-boggling thing is we’re often left wondering… why? 

If we got enough sleep, already had 2 coffees, didn’t skip lunch, and haven’t had a particularly stressful day, why is our energy still lacking? We think to ourselves that we must need something else like another coffee, caffeinated soda, energy drink, or energy shot to function because that’s just how life is with our teenage years behind us. Thankfully, as the leading combination chiropractor and wellness coach in Eagle, we’re here to tell you those aren’t your only options.  

Bottom Line:
Yes, the quickest and easiest way to boost your energy levels in a pinch often seems to be easy grabbing a second (or tenth?!) coffee, but boosting your energy level doesn’t mean you need to rely on caffeine. 

When it comes to improving how well you’re able to maintain your mental and physical energy levels, it helps to switch your focus to optimizing rather than supplementing. Creating smart, healthy habits each day can be all it takes to help you increase your energy levels, mental focus, and overall endurance. 

Why it Matters:
As we alluded to earlier, when you walk through a typical grocery store, you’ll often see dozens of products designed to help you “boost your energy” lining the shelves. Many of these synthetic stimulants aren’t healthy, and some can even become addictive.What’s more, these can place unnecessary stress on your body. And doing the exact opposite and finding ways to destress your body and mind is actually the best way to naturally boost your energy levels. Let’s take a closer look. 

3 Ways to Naturally Increase Your Energy Levels

Why are we really so exhausted? Because we’re stressed. Take it from the leading chiropractor and wellness coach in Eagle, ID. In our modern-day world, we’re subjecting ourselves to heightened levels of constant stress, to diets lacking in basic nutrition, and to increasingly sedentary lifestyles more often.

So, instead of that daily quick fix, it’s better to take a step back and consider the effect that your stress levels, exercise frequency, and diet can have on your energy levels.

  1. Being stressed out consumes a ton of energy. Bringing down your mental stress levels with a relaxing activity like meditation and your physical tension with some quick physical therapy in the form of chiropractic care can help you reclaim that energy.
  2. Daily exercise can help you sleep better, elevate your mood, and further improve your energy levels by boosting the amount of oxygen circulating in your body.
  3. Eating foods with a low glycemic index (where sugar is absorbed slowly) can help you avoid a crash after meals and snacks, keeping you more energized throughout the day.

Hopefully after reading the above list that idea of optimizing vs supplementing is becoming a bit clearer. Finding real ways to address those low-grade energy drains that often go unnoticed in our day to day lives and sticking to them is the best way to reclaim the energy we didn’t think we had. 

Next Steps: 
Energy zappers are all around you, and now you know where to look. Developing an awareness of your daily habits and making small changes can result in big changes in your daily energy levels. It looks like your days of using caffeine as a crutch are coming to an end, right? 


And if you need help identifying and creating a plan to address your personal stressors and you’d like to get our recommendations regarding the exercises, stretches, and dietary and lifestyle adjustments that may be right for you, just ask us during your next visit. 

As the top chiropractor and wellness coach in Eagle, we’re also standing by to provide the tension-relieving adjustments you need to keep moving and feeling your best. Our doors are open, and we’re here to help!

Science Sources: 
9 Tips to Boost Your Energy Naturally. Harvard Health Publishing. 2020.

Hi! I'm Dr. Jessica

Hi! I'm Dr. Jessica

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