The Top Causes of Neuropathy
The Top Causes of Neuropathy

Bottom Line:
Neuropathy can be experienced in the legs, feet, arms, and hands. As your nerves travel from your brain to your extremities, they may encounter a problem. If a nerve carrying important information is damaged, it can affect the information that is being carried. This can result in various symptoms, including burning, tingling, numbness, or electric shocks. All of these can be an indication of neuropathy. But why does this happen?

Why it Matters:
Our practice uses multiple assessments when determining what type of Neuropathy you have and the best path towards relief. To make an accurate diagnosis, we’ll want to learn about the
onset of your symptoms, location of your pain, your past medical history; and combine this information with a complete physical examination. With this information, we can determine your problem, how to treat it, and start to understand what caused it. The top 4 causes of Neuropathy include:

• Diabetes
• B12 Vitamin Deficiency
• Spinal dysfunction
• Nerve Entrapment

Next Steps:
If you’ve experienced numbness, tingling, or pain in your arms or legs, make sure to call us as soon as possible. We have successfully helped many people find relief from neuropathy.

Science Source:
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Hi! I'm Dr. Jessica

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