5 Things Only Working Moms Will Understand
5 Things Only Working Moms Will Understand

5 Things Only Working Moms Will Understand


If you’re a working mom like me, you’ve probably heard it all.


“Why don’t you stay at home and take care of your kids? You can always pursue your career later.”

“Aren’t you concerned you will miss important times in your kids’ lives?”

“Can you trust your parents/friends/babysitter to take care of your children the way you would?”

“You can’t get this time back, you know.”


What’s ironic is that these childcare tips often come from people who have no children!


I know, they usually come from a good place. Those that love you sometimes say the wrong things, even though they want nothing but the best for you and your children. As a working mom you understand this. Even so, it doesn’t make comments like these, and others, any easier to take.


You have a game plan and work is a must in that plan. You know you can’t be in two places at once, even though sometimes you ‘re so busy it seems like you are (What hat am I supposed to be wearing now, I often ask myself). The best case scenario for many would be staying at home and raising your children, but many of us moms actually enjoy working, too. So, you work the hardest job in the world (being a mom) while also holding down a traditional job.


You know that only other working moms can truly understand what you’re going through. If you could only get the important people to appreciate the reality of your life, they would see you in a whole new way. Until then, remind yourself that you are doing the best for you and your children by remembering these top 5 things that only working moms like you will really understand.


1 – Working Hard Doesn’t Mean You Are Neglecting Your Children


People just don’t get it – they see you working hard, and they figure that means you don’t want to be at home with your kids. Well, if someone would drop a million dollars off at your house, maybe you could do that, right?! In the meantime, there are bills to pay. Even if you are in a stable financial place that you could stay home now, will that always be the case? Maybe not, so you walk a fine line between working hard at your job and giving your children the “mom time” they need.


You know that. Why doesn’t anyone else?


When men work outside of the home no one accuses them of neglecting their children, so why do they say the same thing about moms? Don’t let this get you down. When you hear someone say that you are doing wrong by your children just because you have a job, let it go in one ear and out of the other.


Just because you work for a living doesn’t mean your children are not always your number one priority. You know they are – what you are doing now, the sacrifices you are making, are all for your children.


As a working mom you know everything you do every single day happens because your children are your driving motivation. Don’t begin to question your loving, selfless motives for working while you’re raising your children. Smile every day you go to work and every time you return home to your children, knowing that you are teaching your kids a good work ethic while giving them the special love that only a mother can.


2 – You Are Truly Happy


It feels good to provide for your children! The traditional idea of the stay at home mom caring for her kids might’ve been possible in the Leave It to Beaver days, but that is often not a reality today. It’s common for both parents to work to pay the bills. And if you’re the only breadwinner, it is even more important that you dedicate a lot of time and energy to your career.


Onlookers see you hustling and busting your you know what off 24/7 to make your family and career lives successful. They see you frustrated from time to time, emotionally and physically whipped, and praying for enough energy to make it through the day. These people may think you are a mad mommy.


Nothing could be further from the truth. You respect yourself for working so hard to take care of your kids. Other working moms like yourself understand that you are happy you have been able to walk the tight rope that guarantees workplace success and a loving, happy family. Don’t worry that others may not be able to understand your happiness – just revel in it.


5 Things Only Working Moms Will Understand holistic doctor mama


3 – You Are Helping to Make Needed Change in the Workplace


Do you have a job in the United States? Did you know only the US and a handful of other countries haven’t passed laws to guarantee paid family leave for working mothers? The more moms that hold down important jobs and stick up for their rights, the quicker that positive change for all women will happen in the workplace.


4 – You Are Not on Drugs


Yep, there are the haters. Some people will hate on you as being a mom that can do so much. It seems like you have a magic wand that gets more than 60 minutes out of an hour and 24 hours out of the day. People will accuse you of being on stimulants, the illegal kind.


If they only understood that you get so much done because of your underlying motivation (your children, your family), there wouldn’t be this issue. When your “Why” is big enough, you don’t need any type of legal/illegal drug or stimulant to accomplish what other people see as impossible each and every day.


5 – It’s All Worth It


You can’t remember the last time you had 7 or 8 hours of uninterrupted, healthy sleep, much less 10 or 15 minutes of peace and quiet. The gum in your hair, finger paint on the walls, intolerable boss, emergency calls from the babysitter while you are at work and constantly being on the go are nothing when you look at your rewards … your children.


All moms understand that they would do anything for their kids, with a smile on their faces. Working mothers especially understand that whatever it takes to raise happy, healthy, loving children is a sacrifice that is well worth making. My deepest admiration, respect and love go out to you, working mom. And guess what? It goes toward me as well! Let’s keep doing what we’re doing … we in the Working Mom Club know it’s all worth it.


I will say this though: I have found it’s absolutely necessary for me to take at least a teeny bit of time for myself each day. I use my 60 Second Stress Buster  meditation technique here which has done wonders for my sanity. We all 60 seconds we can spare to do something for ourselves, to replenish our cups so we can get back in the game. Give it a try and let me know how it works for you!


Wishing you well,

Dr. Jessica


Hi! I'm Dr. Jessica

Hi! I'm Dr. Jessica

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