5 Natural Solutions for Fibromyalgia
5 Natural Solutions for Fibromyalgia

5 Natural Solutions for Fibromyalgia


There are more than 3 million new cases of fibromyalgia diagnosed in the United States each year. This is a condition which currently has no cure, but correct treatment means the patient can live a normal, full and healthy life. With proper treatment, fibromyalgia symptoms can dramatically lessen, or even disappear, for long periods of time.


Fibromyalgia is the second most common issue that affects human bones and muscles. It can lead to widespread joint pain, fatigue and muscle weakness. While doctors are not sure exactly what causes fibromyalgia, there are many traditional and natural treatments. The following 5 natural solutions for fibromyalgia can offer an array of benefits and WILL NOT deliver the potentially harmful side-effects that some medications do.


1 – Meditation


When a natural healing protocol has been in use for thousands of years, you know it’s effective. This is the case with meditation, a simple routine anyone can perform to receive a number of brain and body-based benefits. Some studies show that meditation can actually change the way that your brain handles pain signals.


Dr. Daniel Lewis is a rheumatologist who has discovered that meditation can relieve pain related to fibromyalgia. He believes this is because meditation is so good for calming the mind and body while also returning many processes to a naturally healthy state, that it helps the body heal itself. Meditation promotes relaxation and rest at the deepest levels, and this helps soothe fibromyalgia related pain.


2 – Acupuncture


Like meditation, acupuncture is a natural healing practice that dates back thousands of years and it is part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The belief in many far east natural medical practices is that your body is powered by life force energy. If this energy ever becomes blocked or distorted, a number of internal and external health problems can develop. The energy does not get where it needs to go, sort of like when your car is stuck in a traffic jam.


Small needles are placed strategically in the body at areas called meridians. These meridians are energy superhighways and the placement of these needles frees up those clogged energy channels, helping to offer pain relief. Research reported in the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews shows that acupuncture can improve the stiffness and pain that comes with fibromyalgia.


3 – Proper Sleep


You need a minimum of seven hours of restful sleep every night. A lot of people brag that they can get by on just five or six hours of sleep, but most people can’t. Your body repairs itself while you sleep and if you’re not getting plenty of rest regularly, you can see your fibromyalgia symptoms like pain and stiffness become worse.

5 Natural Solutions for Fibromyalgia holistic doctor mama

4 – The Right Types of Exercise


The most common symptom of fibromyalgia is pain in your bones, muscles and joints. No need to pound the pavement; you want to start off slow in the beginning. Aerobic exercise that doesn’t pound on your joints has been proven effective for treating fibromyalgia. Cycling, brisk walking and swimming help reduce stiffness, pain and fatigue that fibromyalgia delivers. To learn more about the incredible health benefits of walking, be sure to check out my previous blog post on 10 Wonderful Things that Happen to Your Body When You Walk.


5 – Natural Supplementation


Many people these days suffer from vitamin, mineral and nutrient deficiencies. It is important to understand that all supplements are not the same, so be mindful of what supplementation you begin using. The average fibromyalgia sufferer (among other people) may benefit from a whole-food based vitamin and mineral supplementation if he or she is not getting the right nutrients into the body.


The most effective and safe brand that I use for myself, my family, and recommend to my clients is Juice Plus+ (fruits, veggies, berries in a capsule or gummy). Also, a vegan-based omega supplement is essential to help with pain and inflammation, and offers an array of other benefits. I absolutely love the Omega Blend which is comprised of omega 3, 5, 6, 7, & 9 — all the essential fatty acids found in nature. Click here to learn more about Juice Plus+. 


Vitamin D3-K2, magnesium and SAMe (full name is S-Adenosyl Methionine) are a few natural dietary supplements which have been proven to relieve fibromyalgia symptoms. They are worth having a look at if you’d like a natural alternative to medication.


The Wrap-Up:

Fibromyalgia can present its challenges, however there are natural and traditional treatments that prove to offer relief.


If you or someone you know deals with fibromyalgia, please let me know if you have any other recommendations of coping techniques that work!


I want share one of my most effective meditation techniques that is only 60 seconds. You may find it works to alleviate pain, and it’s been a game changer for me in terms of reducing stress. Read more here!


Wishing You Well,

Dr. Jessica




Hi! I'm Dr. Jessica

Hi! I'm Dr. Jessica

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