Toxic Diet Soda Is Killing Your Healthy Gut Bacteria…And So Much More
Toxic Diet Soda Is Killing Your Healthy Gut Bacteria...And So Much More


Toxic Diet Soda Is Killing Your Healthy Gut Bacteria…And So Much More

If you have switched from regular soda to diet soda for health reasons, good for you! It’s apparent you are making an effort to become healthier.

Sadly though, there is still a problem for me to address. You have been given the wrong information about diet soda and because of that, you are slowly killing your gut…and putting the rest of your body at risk, too.

This post presents why diet soda is just as bad for you as regular soda. Sure, avoiding tons of sugar and other ingredients that are removed from a typical soda in order for it to qualify for the ‘diet label’ is a good thing. However, the root of the problem still lays with what manufacturers use to replace those ingredients.

Read on to be convinced why you should give up toxic diet soda, so you can make a positive turn in your health!


Most Diet Sodas Have Almost No Nutritional Value

You might already know this fact. You might also cheekily respond that water has no nutritional value. I’ll give it to you; this is true. However, water is a natural element that the body needs. You could only last about 3 days without consuming any water. This just doesn’t hold up the same with diet soda.  If you go the rest of your life without drinking diet soda, you will be significantly healthier than if you do drink this elixir of no nutritional value.

People love to hear that diet sodas have fewer calories than other drinks. Guess what? All calories are not equal. If your calories are empty and mine are full of nutrients, minerals, vitamins and other wonderful things the body needs to be healthy, my calories win. According to the Healthline website, “… the average can of diet soda contains no fat, sugar, calories, or protein.” This means you are basically putting nothing but toxins, preservatives, man-made chemicals, artificial flavors, and other harmful ingredients into your body that are accompanied by zero nutrition.


Artificial Sweeteners Found in Diet Sodas Are Killing Your Gut Bacteria

Let’s go back to the 5th century BC. There was a guy named Hippocrates, and he is now known as the father of modern Western medicine. The Hippocratic oath, which all doctors must pledge to follow, is named after him. He was a pretty smart guy where human health was concerned. He told anyone who would listen that most human disease begins with poor gut health.

Step back into your time machine and come back to the current day. We know that Hippocrates was right. Poor gut health absolutely wrecks your immune system, and leaves you wide open to the development of a number of diseases and illnesses.

If you are drinking diet sodas to become healthier, you aren’t exactly supporting your well-being. Many of the artificial sweeteners used in diet sodas damage and kill good gut bacteria; this was reported in the September 25, 2018 journal, Molecules, and similar findings have been reported elsewhere.



Drinking Diet Sodas Has Been Linked to Long-Term Weight Problems and Heart Disease

Here’s another myth: many people think drinking diet soda is going to help them lose weight and become healthier. Think about it this way: if regular soda is poison and diet soda is diet poison, aren’t you still drinking poison? If you think that is a little too dramatic of a position, I have some more information for you to consider.

A piece of research reported by Harvard Health supports the bad news if you think drinking diet sodas will help you lose weight. Because of the low calorie content and lack of any nutrition, diet sodas can lead to overeating.

When our body does not get the calories and nutrition it needs, you eat more throughout the day. The Harvard study showed that people who drink diet sodas regularly are more inclined to be overweight and to maintain that weight problem over time.

Additionally, being overweight puts a strain on your digestive system. The harder your gut has to work, the more taxing it is on the billions of good bacteria that are living there.

For these reasons, I’m sure you can see why drinking diet soda is not a really good idea. Since the health of your gut heavily influences your overall well-being, stop drinking gut-hating diet soda and you can experience an improvement in your overall health.

If you’re curious about more foods you and your family should avoid, download my FREE guide on 15 Foods To Never Feed Your Kids Again, so you can stay away from that which doesn’t feed your body well!

Wishing you well,

Dr. Jessica

Hi! I'm Dr. Jessica

Hi! I'm Dr. Jessica

I’m Dr. Jessica Payne, Medical Intuitive, Doctor of Natural Medicine, and your go-to guide for living your life naturally…More

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