5 Superfoods to Reduce Stress

Stressbusting superfoods can change your life. There are more than a few doctors and health professionals that believe stress is a cause or symptom of most serious health problems. This is because stress increases inflammation. When your body parts and processes become inflamed, they don’t work correctly.

It is in this way that stress can cause any number of health issues. You may look at your dry, brittle hair and think you are suffering from a genetic issue. You may research what types of foods you can eat to improve hair health. Your efforts to restore vitality and health to your hair might be futile, because stress could be the real culprit.

Stress causes hair loss, cardiovascular disease, weight gain, mental disorders, poor self-esteem and a nearly endless list of conditions you would rather avoid. Fortunately, the majority of your health and well-being is related to what you put into your body.

That means as long as you eat the following 5 superfoods regularly, you can reduce stress and anxiety levels while simultaneously watching other health problems disappear.

1 – Dark Leafy Greens

The Merriam-Webster dictionary tells us that a superfood is “a food that is rich in compounds (such as antioxidants, fiber, or fatty acids) considered beneficial to a person’s health.” That definition allows for a very broad interpretation. Actually, the word superfood has not been strictly defined by any nutrition monitoring agency. However, it would be hard to argue against dark leafy green vegetables being headtotoe superfood health boosters that can also reduce stress.

There is simply too much research that proves eating fresh, leafy greens regularly results in lower stress levels. This is because eating these nutrient-dense, low-calorie, healthy foods means you are not eating the processed food and fast food which cranks up physical stress and inflammation in your body.

Additionally, they are very high in folate, a B vitamin that is converted into “feel-good” neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin when you eat it. Simply put, eat more dark leafy greens to feel more content and less stressed out.

2 – Your Favorite Fermented Foods

Groundbreaking research over the last 20 years has revealed what 5th century philosopher and natural healer Hippocrates knew so long ago. Your gut is your second brain.

Did you know that most significant health problems have some link to a poorly performing gut? It’s true. Keep your gut and digestive system healthy and you enjoy wellness from head to toe. Fermented foods support a healthy gut. They improve your digestive process.

Eat more sauerkraut and kimchi and the probiotics you are consuming lead to less stress and anxiety. They do this by reducing the amount of physical stress and inflammation which impacts your gut and digestive processes. Kefir, kombucha, pickles and Greek yogurt are other fermented foods that are rich in stressbusting probiotics.

Concerning red peppers, they deliver twice the amount of vitamin C as oranges, when comparing equal serving sizes. Vitamin C is an amazing stressreliever since it lowers levels of cortisol, a chemical appropriately called the stress hormone. 

3 – Red Peppers 

 I know what you are thinking. Hot foods give you heartburn. They stress you out. Hey, if you eat too many of just about anything, you might suffer in some way.  

Concerning red peppers, they deliver twice the amount of vitamin C as oranges, when comparing equal serving sizes. Vitamin C is an amazing stressreliever since it lowers levels of cortisol, a chemical appropriately called the stress hormone. 

4 – Coconut Oil 

 Medium chain triglycerides (or MCTs) like those in coconut oil are “good fats”. They include lauric acid, a health booster that makes up nearly half of a coconut’s fat content. Lauric acid kills bad bacteria and viruses and makes your immune system stronger, leading to less stress. (By the way, coconut oil is the quickest way to get high levels of lauric acid into the body aside from breast milk.) 

 The health of your gut influences your weight and hormonal balance. Wreck the good-to-bad bacteria ratio in your gut and you can experience weight gain and hormones gone wild. This is a perfect scenario for stress to develop.  

 The MCTs and medium chain fatty acids (MCFAs) in coconut oil naturally promote gut health and hormonal balance. 

 Replace less-than-healthy oils with coconut oil to lower stress. Use virgin coconut oil and apple cider vinegar for a super-healthy salad dressing. You will experience the happy side benefits of reducing your risk of developing heart disease while lowering anxiety and stress. 

 5 – Blueberries 

 Blueberries are an amazing superfood for stress-relief. The local blueberries of the Pacific Northwest are my family’s favorite! When we pick them from our local biodynamic farmer their purplish-blue color is piercing with incredibly powerful essential nutrients.  

 They contain antioxidants which protect every one of your cells against damage. This means eating blueberries regularly will promote overall health and wellness, from head to toe, inside and out.  

 Blueberries also contain anthocyanins, which is the pigment that gives blueberries their deep, purplish-blue color. Anthocyanins help your brain produce dopamine, a chemical that improves your mood and reduces stress and anxiety. 

Comment below which superfoods you are ready to implement into your daily regimen! Are there any other superfoods you use to help with stress and anxiety? If so, tell me about your favorites in the comments below! If you want a plan to help decrease your stress and improve your health, I encourage you to check out my FREE EBOOK on Natural Solutions for Stress and Anxiety. 

 Wishing you well, 


Dr. Jessica 

Hi! I'm Dr. Jessica

Hi! I'm Dr. Jessica

I’m Dr. Jessica Payne, Medical Intuitive, Doctor of Natural Medicine, and your go-to guide for living your life naturally…More

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