What’s Lurking In Your Water?

EPA: Tap Water in All 50 States Contains Over 250 Unhealthy Toxins and Contaminants 

The US Environmental Protection Agency wants you to reconsider how safe you think your drinking water is. The water you drink and bathe in, the same water you give to your pets and use to wash your laundry could be poisoning you and your family. 

The EPA checked about 50,000 municipal water supplies in 50 states. They were looking for 500 separate contaminants, toxins and poisons. They discovered the following: 

  • 38 which lead to fertility issues 
  • 45 chemicals proven to cause hormonal imbalances 
  • 63 contaminants that slow down the developmental growth in children and fetuses 
  • 78 that cause damage to the brain and nervous system 
  • 93 chemicals that raise your risk of developing cancer 

It bears noting that the more than 250 toxins and contaminants found were present in all 50 states. The bottom line is simply this … 

  … the water you drink and bathe in, the water you wash your clothes in and use for cooking might be silently causing a number of very serious health problems. 

  The Safe Drinking Water Act Legalizes Many Dangerous Toxins and Poisons 

Nneka Leiba is the director of the Healthy Living Science Program for the Environmental Working Group (EWG). In an interview with USA Today about possibly unhealthy tap water, he said: 

  “The list of regulated chemicals has not kept up with our use of chemicals as a country. Legal doesn’t necessarily mean safe when it comes to drinking water.” 

No ingredients have been added to the list of chemicals the US government regulates in drinking water since 1996. Those are covered by the Safe Drinking Water Act that was created way back in 1974! However, thousands of new and unsafe chemicals have been produced in that timespan. Many have made their way into local water supplies and the devastating health consequences are just coming to light. 

This is scary information, but the answer is simple. 

Get a quality home water filtration system.  

Don’t get me wrong. The tap water in your home might be fine, and it is possibly safer than it used to be. Whether you use your home water supply to cook, clean, drink or bathe, it might be “considered” safe enough by your local government and Uncle Sam. 

 But is “safe enough” good enough for your family’s best health? 

 Even though the Safe Drinking Water Act is in effect, dangerous water routinely pours from the taps and faucets of US homes. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention tell us there are nearly 800 million people globally that “do not have access to an improved water source.” Additionally, sanitary conditions do not exist for more than 2.5 billion people around the world, largely because of unsafe water supplies. 

That means 36 out of every 100 people are exposed to unsafe bathing, drinking and cooking water. And from the evidence the EPA uncovered in 2015, the problem isn’t only in third-world, impoverished countries. 

 It is right in our backyards. 

 My Water’s Safe in the US, Right? 

You might believe first-world, modern countries like the US and UK don’t have to be concerned about water quality. In many cases you would be wrong. (Read those scary EPA findings from all 50 states again.) 

The lead contamination problem in Flint, Michigan is still ongoing. No problem, just drink bottled water, right? That might NOT be a great idea. Bottled water is regulated in only 4 out of 5 states. There are 10 states that don’t monitor the quality or safety of bottled water. 

You also need to know that manufacturing bottled water is very inefficient. California has suffered drought conditions for years. Even so, the Dasani water company uses 1.63 liters of water to create 1 liter of bottled water. Dasani is located in water-poor California.  

Then there’s the money. If you insist on drinking bottled water for safety and health reasons, you are in some cases spending hundreds or even thousands of times more per gallon than if you drink tap water. 

 In 2009 the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reported that ” … threats to drinking water are increasing … “ in the US. The following year saw the EWG report that the cancer-causing chemical chromium-6 was present in the drinking supply of 200 million Americans.  

 A more recent 2016 study conducted at Harvard University revealed polyfluoroalkyl and perfluoroalkyl substances were in the water supplies of 6 million Americans. Those chemicals cause cancer, disrupt endocrine hormone levels and are linked to other serious health problems. 

There are only 90 contaminants monitored by the Safe Drinking Water Act, but more than 10,000 chemicals, toxins and additives are used in the U.S!  

YEP, read that again. 

There are only 90 contaminants monitored by the Safe Drinking Water Act, but more than 10,000 chemicals, toxins and additives are used in the U.S!  

USA Today reports that 63 million Americans use unsafe drinking water. On the plus side, the website TappWater.com tells us that 85% of US homes enjoy safe, clean water.  

What about the other 15%? Are you one of these unfortunate homes? 

What Is the Safe Water Supply Answer? 

The answer to possible water contamination is simple … filter your water. Home water filtration systems are affordable. They are easy to install. You save a lot of money on health issues and appliance repair over time. They remove iron, chloramines, fluoride, sediment and other harmful pollutants from your drinking, bathing and cooking water. 

In many cases the best whole house water filter systems make your water smell better by removing chlorine and other less-than-healthy chemicals. The best companies offer great warranty coverage. They provide under-the-counter and whole house solutions as well as sinktop and faucet filters. 

If you want to enjoy the cleanest, safest home water experience, we have done the homework for you. We have diligently researched home water filtration systems, and there are only 5 products we recommend. Let’s take a look at these quality water filtration systems so you can choose the one that best suits your situation. 

Best Whole House Water Filters 

Aquaspace III Whole House Water Filter System 

An Aquaspace Whole House Tank is your best defense against chemicals and VOCs. Our Aquaspace Compound, is a special blend of carbonaceous materials designed to remove the widest range of chemical contaminants. It is a water treatment compound developed using NASA Filtration Technology and is charge modified to increase the potential of the carbon. 

It has been rigorously tested and certified by the National Testing Laboratories according to ANSI/NSF Standards to reduce: 

  • Taste & Odor 
  • Organic & Inorganic Compounds 
  • 99% of Lead 
  • 99% of Chlorine and Chloramines 
  • 99% of gases including: 
  • Radon 
  • Argon 
  • Krypton 
  • 99% of Trihalomethanes 
  • 99% of Organic Halides 
  • Numerous Industrial Solvents that can be found in: 

Trace Pharmaceuticals and Hormones that have been disposed of improperly into our water systems 

55 of the most common VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) such as Chloroform & Benzene. 

Along with this whole house water filter I would also recommend Aquatomic, this is the magnet system used to break up clusters of H20 to make the water more bioavailable. 

SpringWell Combination Whole House Water Filter System and Salt-Free Water Softener 

The SpringWell Model Whole House Water Filter and Softener system does a couple of things for you. First off, it is a salt-free water softener. If you have “hard water” then you are subjected to high levels of calcium, magnesium and other chemicals. This means you have to deal with unsightly mineral buildup. You have to use much more soap and detergent than with softer water. This system softens the water supply of your whole home. 

You also benefit from a quality water filtration system. It uses a coconut shell and carbon 4-stage filter to safely and efficiently remove dangerous levels of fluoride, chlorine, chloramine, pesticides, herbicides and other common contaminants 

This is a single system that can be installed out of sight. It removes 99.6% of chlorine, bacteria and other contaminants. You receive a 180-day money back guarantee and a lifetime warranty against defects, and both are the best in the industry. The product can handle 1 million gallons. 

 Aquasana 10-Year, 1,000,000-Gallon Whole House Water Filter, System + Pro Install Kit 

This Aquasana whole house system has an amazing 1-million-gallon capacity, like the long-lasting whole home system we just talked about. You can add options like salt-free water conditioners and sterilight UV filters. This minimizes the effects of hard water on your appliance and faucets, while simultaneously safeguarding against viruses and bacteria. 

This product treats the whole home. That means everywhere you encounter water in your home, chlorine, lead and mercury, pesticides, herbicides and industrial solvents are removed from your water supply. You, your loved ones and your appliances are healthier and longer lasting. This whole house filtration system makes your water safe and clean, whether use it to bathe, cook, clean or water your garden. 

 The filtering system kills 99.99% of viruses and bacteria such as E. coli, cryptosporidium, giardia and others. You are covered by a 90-day money back guarantee and 10-year manufacturer’s warranty. 


Best Under-the-Sink Water Filters 

By far my favorite water filter system is the Aquaspace– Aquarius Triple plus 

This triple unit incorporates four technologies to optimize your drinking and cooking water. 

The first Cartridge will remove a wide range of organic and inorganic compounds including: Lead, Chlorine, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), Herbicides & Pesticides, Industrial Solvents, Pharmaceuticals, as well as bad taste, odor, and color, while also leaving in beneficial dissolved minerals that are essential for good health. 

The second cartridge will reduce fluoride added by municipalities to safe undetectable levels. It will also continue to reduce lead, arsenic, mercury, chromium six, and other heavy metals to safe levels. 

The third cartridge will serve as a sediment filter and remove bacteria, parasites, and cysts. 

And lastly, built into the housing of the unit, is a magnetic housing device that will allow for all water that passes through the field to be restructured, making the water more bio-available to your body. This means it’s easier for your body to absorb the H2O molecules, hydrating you quicker and with less water. 

Installation is quick and easy.  We have this in our house and love the quality of the water and it’s hydrating effects. 


Home Master® Undersink Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System 

Some under the sink water filtration systems slow down your water flow. They negatively impact water pressure. That’s not the case with this product. Many reverse osmosis systems slow down your water supply, sometimes to just a trickle. There is a special Fast Flow feature that has been added to this undersink filter so you get all the pressure you need. 

Obviously, a water filter which installs under your sink treats just that water supply. This Home Master advanced filtration and purification product removes 99% of pharmaceuticals, heavy metals, chemicals, sediment and other contaminants from your sinks water supply. Filters generally require maintenance or replacement only once a year. The filters are easy to change without wrenches or other tools. 

Your purchase is backed by a 5-year warranty. Installation is quick and easy for the do-it-yourselfer. 

SpringWell Undersink Reverse Osmosis Drinking System 

Choose a brushed nickel or oil rubbed bronze finish with this undersink water filter that can process 75 gallons per day. Reverse osmosis systems (like the one we just discussed) filter more efficiently than some other filtration processes.  

This product installs under your sink and out of the way. Do-it-yourself installation is a snap, and you can change out the 4 filters without shutting off your water supply!  

Lead and mercury, fluoride and arsenic, heavy metals, chlorine and other contaminants are removed. You receive a 180-day money back guarantee that leads the industry. You also benefit from a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. Three of your filters should be replaced every 6 months, with the stage-3 filter only needing to be replaced every 2 years. 


Best UV Water Purification System 

Aquasana Whole House Water Filter System w/ UV Purifier & Salt-Free Descaler 

Clean, Great Tasting Water from Every Tap In Your Home – Removes 97% of the chlorine, 99.9% of viruses and bacteria and reduces harmful contaminants like lead, mercury, herbicides, pesticides, VOCs, and more. 

High-Performance Filter System – Carbon & KDF filtration media combined with UV purifier and Scale Control Media (SCM) salt-free technology engineered to maximize contaminant reduction while leaving healthy minerals in your water.  

Ultraviolet water purification is hands-down the most efficient way of getting harmful pathogens and bacteria from your water.  Add this product to your house system and you get the safest, cleanest possible water for you and your family. 

 Best Water Filtration System Wrap-Up 

Clean and filtered water means better health, overall softer skin and healthier hair. Your family and pets benefit, whether drinking the water, cooking with it or washing in it. Don’t assume your water is “good enough” for your best health. Grab one of the only water systems we endorse to make your water “as good as it can be” because this can be one of the simplest and easiest change to transform your health. 

I’m wishing you well, 

Dr. Jessica~Holistic Doctor Mama

Hi! I'm Dr. Jessica

Hi! I'm Dr. Jessica

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